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the best vpn for IPTV Fast, Private Streaming from Anywhere 2020

the best vpn for IPTV 2020

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and its main use is to create secure connection to another network. VPN was first used for the purpose of establishing a secure network between business networks and allowing their staff to access the network from home or other areas ouside the workplace.

But these days, VPN use has far exceeded this traditional limit to get open to a wide range of users from all walks of life who use VPN service for multiple reasons and purposes.

What is VPN ?

VPN is basically a protocol that connects your device, computer, smartphone, or tablet, with another server (a computer) so that all your surfing activities are done through this server rather than your original device. The server is located somewhere in the world and when you browse the internet you do that as a part of where the server is located. In a word, it is like using another computer other than yours, and that prevent any possibility to track your real identity by means of tracking your device IP address.

Why Would You Need a VPN?

When you connect to the internet, you first get connected to your ISP (Internet Service provider) and the latter coonects you to the internet. Your ISP this way has overall control over your online activities: they are able to see your online browsing habits, browsing history, and can even restrict or block your access to some parts of the web.

With VPN things differ. A VPN grabs all those unfair previliges out of ISP and set you free from any kind of control or censorship. You no longer connect to the internet through the direct mediation of ISP, but via VPN secure protocols which renders your identity anonymous to all including ISP staff themeselves.

VPN makes use of encryption to scramble data while sending them via WiFi connection. This way your data becomes unreadable while on transmition which leaves no way to obstruct the data on the way and get the information.

So if you care about securing your personal data and online privacy, using a VPN becomes absolutely a must. This even more true with regards to selling or purchasing online via credit card, doing online business which involves sharing important documents and data.

There is also another merit of using a VPN; that is of hiding your browsing data out of the reach of the internet connection provider. Because, without a VPN, your service provider is able to track all your online activities and know everything about your browsing history and habits. VPN prevents that.

the best vpn 

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Why You should Use a VPN for IPTV?

There are couples of reasons why IPTV users need to opt for a VPN service, especially for those who use free IPTV, major of which we sum up in the following:

  • Enjoying complete online privacy: your privacy is precious and the last thing you want is a nosy ISP guy pilling over your shoulders counting every movement and every step in the virtual world! VPN prevents intruders and keep your online activities in private.
  • Bypassing geo-blocked location: if you belong somewhere in which some websites or services are blocked by the ISP, then you can bypass the blockage and be able to access the content.
  • Copyright issues: if you are using content that is copyrighted and you perhaps do not want to disclose you identity, you can go anonymous by means of using VPN cover.

What Are The Best VPN Services in 2019?


1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN range:

         2,000+ servers

         148 locations

         94 countries

Express VPN Features:

Supports ALL devices

Fast servers (minimal speed loss)

Unblocking Netflix USA on VPN, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, Smart TV (using SmartDNS)

Torrenting and P2P allowed

No DNS/IP leaks found

Very simple and easy to use

No Logging Policy

ExpressVPN is very easy to use and supports all devices. With a staff working 24/7 hours they provide great customer support through live chat. Speed is another characteristic of ExpressVPN that make it the best VPN out there in the market. ExpressVPN also adds to its value by supporting Bitcoin as a method of payment.


Plans and Price:

12 Months $8.32/mth   Exclusive: get this plan for $6.67

6 Months $9.99/mth

1 Month $12.95/mth




NordVPN Range

Number of servers: 5064 

 Server locations: 62 

 IP addresses: N/A

Maximum devices supported: 6


Express VPN Features:

Double data protection

No logs policy

Largest server network (5000+)

Torrenting/P2p allowed

Works with Netflix

No IP/DNS leaks found

 Switch Kill

With regards to the number of servers available, no other VPN service can even come into contest with NordVPN! They also have an easy to use app, in addition to a 24/7 customer support dedicated team.

NordVPN offers are also hard to turn down! You can get a high quality VPN service with $2.99/Month.

Prices and Plans:

36 Months $2.99/mth

12 Months $6.99/mth

6 Months $11.95/mth


3. TunnerBear

TunnelBearTunnelBear Range

Number of servers: ~1,000

Server locations: 20+

IP addresses: N/A 

 Maximum devices supported: 5


Canada-based VPN service, with a very user-friendly platform. It is for this reason that is recommended for beginners.

TunnelBear’s speed is good though it get a bit slower when it comes to long-distance connections.

TunnelBear offers a free plan but is limited to 500MB/month. Nevertheless, its paid plans are fairly cheap.

Prices and Plans:

12 Months $5.00/mth

1 Month     $9.99/mth

4. PureVPN

PureVPNPureVPN Range

Number of IP addresses: 300,000 

Number of servers: 2000 

Number of server locations: 180 

Country/Jurisdiction: Hong Kong


PureVPN provides 30-day money back. It supports Bitcoin as a method of payment. PureVPN is bein the first in industry to fully implement GDPR.

Price and Plans:

1 Years: $3.33/month

3 Months: $8.00/month

1 Month: $10.95/month


5. WindScribe

WindScribeWindScribe Range

Number of servers: 300+ 

 Server locations: 50+ 

 IP addresses: N/A 

 Maximum devices supported: Unlimited


An unlimited connection VPN service!

The strongest point WindScribe bases it marketing power is that it offers unlimited connection, though some might not be satisfied with performance.

WindScribe also offers a free plan with 10GB monthly data.

Price and Plans:

1 Year: $3.75/month

1 Month: $4.50/month


6. VyprVPN

WindScribeVyperVPN Range

Number of servers: 700+ 

 Server locations: 70+ 

 IP addresses: 200,000+ 

 Maximum devices supported: 3-5


Based on Switzerland gives WindScribe the previlige to benefit from country with advanced privacy laws, which make this service great for those seeking security.

Price and Plans:

12 Months: $5.00/month 3 Devices      Exclusive: get 25% off from here!

12 Months: $6.67/month 5 Devices      Exclusive: get 25% off from here!



VyprVPNTorGuard Range

Number of IP addresses: N/A

Number of servers: 1,600

Number of server locations: 50

Country/Jurisdiction: United States


TorGuard does not keep any loggings at all. TorGuard provides also an active blog for customers to communicate any concer or issue.

Price and Plans:

2 Years: $99.99

1 Year:  $59.99

6 Months: $29.99

1 Month  : $9.99

 Exclusive: Apply this voucher: “[email protected]”to get 50% Off!

IPTV streaming problems

Although you might be used to streaming video at home or on your mobile device during your daily commute, you might not have encountered one of the major problems of online video access, which is the issue of international access blocks.

If you search for HD video from abroad, you will discover that there are a lot more entertainment options out there than just the regular TV channels that you watch on your TV at home. The only problem is that those video services won’t let you access their content if you don’t live in the same country as them. Even services that require a subscription won’t let you watch their videos from abroad. So, you might think that these great entertainment streaming companies have decided to lose out on a lot of potential viewers, just out of laziness.

There are several very good reasons that video streaming services restrict access to their libraries by country. The two biggest reasons are legal. Video delivery systems have to buy-in their content. Producers of entertainment sell the rights to show their productions by country. So, different TV companies own the rights to show the same show, but in different countries. Broadcasting companies have to commit to restricting access to videos to only those people located in the countries that are written into the contract. In order to enforce this obligation, video streaming services block access from overseas.

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The second legal reason relates to national broadcast licensing. Governments allow only authorized companies to show entertainment within their borders. Not only that, but all content shown in a country has to be approved by the government. This rule applies in all countries in the world, not just strict nations, such as Iran or Indonesia. Even though you may see the same show scheduled for broadcast in different countries, the video that is available in each place is different.

Broadcasters and produces of entertainment have to edit their content to comply with the laws of each county. In some cases, the show might be so far from what anyone is legally allowed to show in a country that it just isn’t feasible to cut out all of the illegal bits and no one will broadcast that show in that place. Online video streaming services can be sued, and its employees might be sent to prison if their content is shown in places where that edit breaches local laws.

VPNs can get around these access restrictions. So, even though the government of China doesn’t want you to watch US documentaries, their efforts to block the stream of video are nullified by the privacy protection that the secure encrypted VPN tunnel provides.

the best vpn for free 2020 

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